Sirius Astronomy have teamed up with Tring Astronomy Centre to offer telescope and accessory hire. A great way to try out astronomy at a fraction of the cost.



Tring Astronomy Centre




Telescopes for hire
Telescopes for hire

Have you always wanted a telescope but not been able to justify the expense?

Do you enjoy naked-eye astronomy and want to have a closer look before deciding to take the hobby further?

Do you fancy up-grading your scope, trying astro-photography or using a different mount?


If so, our telescope hire in partnership with The Tring Astronomy Centre could be just the thing for you.

We have various hire packages available, meaning you can have a go without having to shell-out enormous amounts of cash.  There is a fully refundable deposit to cover loss or theft and a small hire charge based on the style of telescope you chose.  You can also pair hire with a Sirius Astronomy tutorial to take full advantage of your chosen hire scope.

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Telescopes:  We have a range of telescopes from beginner scopes which are suitable for those who have not tried astronomy before; through to powerful Dobsonians or portable travel scopes.…more information

Binoculars:  If you are a beginner or want to try astronomy with children then binoculars can be a great starting point.  You can see an incredible amount, without having to perfect the use of a single eyepiece.…more information

Astro-photography equipment: We have a selection of planetary webcam type cameras available for you to hire, but you will need a PC as well as a suitable telescope and mount (available to hire; see below).  We also hire the iOptron SkyTracker, which is designed to be used with a DSLR and is used to take long exposure shots of the night sky.…more information

Accessories: Power tanks and other accessories for controlling your telescope.…more information

Mounts and tripods: Hire a different type of mount so that you can try astro-photography.  Other mount styles may be available to hire.  Contact us for further details. Note: You do not need to hire a separate mount if you are hiring one of our telescope kits.…more information

Contact us to discuss your requirements.