Paul is available as a guest speaker for events or group meetings.  He is keen to share his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of all things astronomical.

Paul talks
Paul using a toilet roll to illustrate a point!

As the co-presenter of Awesome Astronomy pod-cast and a seasoned teacher, Paul is an excellent public speaker.

He has spoken on BBC World News, BBC World News radio and BBC radio London about various space-science related issues, such as the near earth pass of asteroid DA14, the asteroid strike in Russia, the Gaia satellite and the purpose of space travel, space programs and space science.

He has also been interviewed by ‘The Sky at Night’ about AstroCamp and advice for beginners in astronomy.

You can listen to The Awesome Astronomy podcast here to get a flavour of Paul’s presenting style or watch the You Tube feed here.

Paul uses his in-depth knowledge of astronomy, sense of humour and understanding of how to engage people to create interactive, fun and informative presentations.  He is able to facilitate Q&A sessions in addition to presentations if this suits your event.

Paul has previously spoken on topics such as: The History of Astronomy, bringing together two of his areas of expertise; one of his favourite planets, Uranus; The Solar System and comets.

If you are interested in booking Paul to speak at your event, please contact us to discuss your requirements.