Would you like to know more about the night sky?  Do you want an unusual evening’s entertainment?  Whether you are a school, youth organisation, group of like minded individuals or an astro-inquisitive family you can discover the wonders of the night sky with a Sirius Astronomy Star Party.

telescope tutorial
Solar star party


Sirius Astronomy will come to a suitable site of your choosing with an array of telescopes and talk you through a sky filled with constellations, star clusters, galaxies and nebula.

Once your party has been shown the ropes you will be let loose on the telescopes to search the night sky for yourself; safe in the knowledge that if you get lost among the stars expert help is at hand!

If it suits you better, we also run daytime star parties to view our nearest star, the sun.

If you would like, the star party can be paired with a presentation from Paul about the sky you are viewing.  For schools and youth groups, Paul usually includes a question and answer session on all things astronomical.

Star parties can be tailored to the needs of your group, be they a small private party in a garden or a larger community event in a field.  We cater for groups from 7 years old to adult, although younger siblings may be included in family groups.  Contact us and let us know your requirements.