Totally Amazing Space Science!

@TPS_science, Priory School, Hitchin.

It wasn’t good – it was AMAZING!

Audience member, Big Bang Fair, NEC Birmingham.

The Astro evening at our school was expertly led by Paul. As a former teacher, Paul has the ability to connect with people quickly and our children were well and truly inspired by the constellation talk and the practical evening. The impact of this night has resulted in our school setting up our own Astronomy club.  

Martin Smith, Headteacher, Pixies Hill School.

It’s amazing how much you take the detail up there for granted! Some of the things Paul first showed me, the craters in the moon and Orion to name a couple, were awesome to put it simply.  When looking through a scope you see some of the most amazing things that simply aren’t visible to the naked eye.  It wows me every time.

Gurvir Bansal, London

Since a small boy I have always had a fascination for outer space.  From reading about Sputnik 1, the first man made object to orbit outside the Earth’s atmosphere when I was aged 6, to the Brooke Bond Tea Card album of the night sky, from which I learned the basics about the planets and constellations to Patrick Moore on a very old 405 black and white television with ‘The Sky at Night’ telling me about The Moon.

Many years later I received a super Meade telescope from family and friends; it was wonderful, but complicated to a novice and like many ‘chaps’ I am not a great one for reading instructions!

Then I was fortunate enough to meet Paul Hill, a real expert and enthusiast in many aspects of astronomy and all the latest technology.  He took the trouble to explain it all to me and within a short time his ‘user friendly’ explanations really did put things into focus for me!

If you too need a guiding hand into outer space; you need look no further.

Geoff Procter, Wiltshire

Paul is very interesting when teaching and great fun as he uses a great sense of humour so you never get bored.  The comet making workshop was great as you could really see how a comet is made and how it looks and feels (with gloves on!).

Harvey Wright (13), Derbyshire

Paul is extremely patient with all levels of ability.  Everyone seems to gravitate towards him with his infectious enthusiasm and seemingly endless knowledge.

Joolz Wright, Derbyshire