Sirius Astronomy uses a range of astronomy equipment to deliver workshops and parties.


Lunt Solar Scopes

Paul using solar scope
Using a Lunt 35mm to look at the sun

Lunt are one of the world leaders in providing solar telescopes. Our 60mm and 35mm Hydrogen Alpha scopes will allow you to see the surface of the our parent star and enjoy the wonders of astronomy in the daytime!


Celestron Skyris

Celestron are one of the leading names in amatuer astronomy and their skyris camera is a favourite around the world. Sirius astronomy uses this camera to allow students and participants to take and view images of the things they find.


Skywatcher 127mm Mak

One of the workhorses of the astronomy world and a contender for best all round amature scope. Easy to use and provides great views of the heavens.


Skywatcher Dobsonian telescopes

The Newtonian-Dobsonian is one of the great innovations in astronomy, a large scope on a lightweight transportable mount. These scopes are easy to use and allows Sirius Astronomy to bring larger apertures to star parties.

This telescope is available to hire from Sirius Astronomy in partnership with The Tring Astronomy Centre.  See our hire page for more information.


Celestron Prodigy 130

This scope allows anyone to become an instant astronomer and enjoy the night sky. This scope is full of clever astronomy gadgetry which allows it to recognise the sky and take you to the objects you want to see.

This telescope is available to hire from Sirius Astronomy in partnership with The Tring Astronomy Centre.  See our hire page for more information.